Friday, January 29, 2010

Finding The Perfect Counter Top Material

Kitchen countertops can be made of a wide range of materials. When making the pick of which material to use, 2 things need to be taken into account. First is the strength of the material. You will want it to last for several years, without being scratched, broken or stained too quickly before you can replace it. Second thing - how does it look like? It has to look attractive or beautiful for the owner. You will have to live with this material for a lot of years to come, so you might want to ensure your choice is something you will not get sick of too soon. One of the latest trends in kitchen decoration is zinc counter tops, which resemble the coloring of bullet alloys. Other favorite counter top materials are granite, ceramic tile, laminates, wood, stainless steel, marble, engineered stone, solid surface, soapstone, and concrete. A few of them are discussed below.

Zinc - It is a popular material now, as mentioned. Zinc can be purchased in flat sheets. They can be cut to size and shaped to fit the space to create the backsplash and front curled edging. Zinc provides a shiny metal surface that will give your kitchen the look of a professional or restaurant kitchen. It matches the professional-looking kitchens that have matching ranges & refrigerators a lot of individuals enjoy.

Granite - Yet another counter top that has become popular over the last few years. The natural stone look of a granite countertop is something many people love. It has the advantages of being hard and durable. It resists heat, thus overcoming the main problem of many other countertop materials. If a sealer is applied, the material becomes almost maintenance free. The only probable downside of granite is its dull coloring, and of course its price.

Ceramic Tiles - Another favorite choice. Many say ceramic tiles give a kitchen that old-fashioned, retro look. They come in an almost infinite range of colours & textures. Since the tiles are small & installed individually, with some training, you can design & install your own countertop. Ceramic tile is hard, scratch resistant, and heat resistant. The only cons to its many pros are that: 1) a tile can be broken if a heavy object is dropped on it, and 2) the grout can become stained over time, requiring a session of cleaning grout.

Formica - A good, old-fashioned laminate choice is Formica. This countertop material has been available for approximately fifty years. Laminate is a good choice 'cause it is inexpensive and comes in many colorings. It is just another area where you can express yourself using colours. Sadly, the surface can be scratched fairly easily, and it can be tricky to finish the front edge.

Wood or Butcher Block - Yet another beautiful choice that lends a rustic look to the kitchen. This type of countertop is available in a range of natural earthy colours. It can be sanded & resealed as needed, but it can be damaged by water or heat. - 35131

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