Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kitchen Updates You Can Do In A Weekend

These projects can be done in a weekend and will make a big impact in the look and feel of your kitchen.

1. Change your kitchen cabinet hardware. The majority of your time will be spent at the hardware store picking out the right kitchen cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Make sure that you measure and study where the holes are in your cabinets and drawers so you pick the appropriate knobs and handles.

2. Install under cabinet lighting. This lighting works great for adding ambiance to the room and is very practical for adding more light for cooking and cleaning.

3. Touch up any scratches or gouges in your kitchen cabinets. Hardware stores now carry a wide variety of touch up pens in colors that will match your cabinets exactly. Touching up scratches is an easy fix and will make a world of difference in the appearance of your kitchen.

4. Paint your kitchen walls. This is a very simple, but dramatic way to improve the look of your kitchen. Go with reds, yellows, browns, or oranges to create a warm and inviting feel. Go with blues, greens, or purples for a cool, relaxed feel. Or, go with white to create that classic look.

5. Install a wallpaper border. These can be done at the top of your walls where they butt up against the ceiling, or at some intermediate point. The key is to make sure the border is level. If you are putting it at the top of the wall, this is simple. If you choose some intermediate point, mark your starting spot and pencil in a line around the room using a laser level.

6. Install molding at the tops of your kitchen cabinets. This is an easy, but elegant way to add that extra something to the look of your kitchen.

7. Change your kitchen faucet. There are many, many styles of kitchen faucets on the market, many of which will create a new and dramatic look for your sink area.

8. Install a tile backsplash. These are commonly installed above the stove or above the kitchen sink. You can go with plain tile, a geometric design, or even a picture that goes with the theme of your kitchen (you do have a theme, don't you?).

9. Put up a pot rack over your kitchen island. This helps out by giving you added storage and creates that gourmet look in your kitchen.

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