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Granite Countertops - Proper Care & Maintenance

Granite is a popular material to use when it comes to kitchen countertops 'cause of its hard and non-porous surface. Irrespective of its comparatively strong ability to withstand stains and chemical damages, even so, proper maintenance is required to ensure the longevity of granite countertops. Maintenance for your countertops includes both cleaning and sealing to keep them looking as good as new for years to come. Here are some tips on how to seal and clean your counter tops without making any improper damage.

Daily Cleaning

Keeping the surface clean from spills is the first step in caring for granite counter tops. If there's a spill, get rid of it as soon as possible and then rinse with warm water. If an acidic substance such as lemon, orange, or vinegar has been spilled, this is even more important.

Everyday, you should wipe your granite counter tops with a soft cloth using a mild detergent. This will ensure any surface deposits are removed and keep your counter tops looking new for a long while. Strong chemical cleaners should never be used, because they can damage the sealant. Powder detergents should be avoided as well, as surface of countertops can get scratch by these.

Some more daily care tips:

- Routinely dust the surface of the counter - Rinse well using warm water after using any cleansers or soaps on the granite - Never use bleach or ammonia on your countertop - Sanitize the surface with some drops of a pH-neutral cleaner - Though granite countertops are frequently marketed as resistant to heat, always avoid putting hot pots directly on top

Occasional Sealing

Sealing granite tops is another important part of a care routine as the seal enables the counter tops to retain the beautiful high gloss finish. Your granite top should be resealed every six months. It is often hard to detect sealant wear, so even if it does not seem worn, granite counter tops should still be resealed twice every year.

There are permanent granite sealers, if you want to avoid the hassle typically involved in granite counter top care. Or, you may wish to consider engineered granite which doesn't require regular sealing. - 35131

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