Friday, January 29, 2010

Using An All Natural Stone Kitchen Counter Top

Redoing a kitchen is 1 of the most common home remodeling projects. A lot of money and time is spent by homeowners in order turn this very important room more stylish & practical. Normally, homeowners would select luxury and durability over boring & plain, but natural stone kitchen counter tops are the hot new thing in kitchen renovation.

Strength, stain resistance, burn proof, long lasting, & sophistication are what homeowners decidedly choose when browsing for a new countertop. These are just a few of the reasons why a counter top made of natural stone is a striking feature in a kitchen.

Natural stone kitchen counter tops add more value to your home & apart from that, but these types of counters are a beautiful choice for any kitchen theme. Natural stone is long lasting, tough and seen in several styles & colors, each bringing luxury appeal & extravagance to your kitchen. Through soapstone is 1 such way.

Sften, soapstone is referred to as the original stone countertop. It's rapidly getting as popular as stones like marble or granite. Soapstone is a smooth soft stone consisting primarily of magnesite, dolomite, chlorite & talc. The stone itself can be brittle, very soft to the touch and have a soapy texture to it. That soft texture is 'cause of the talc in the stone. Soapstone is extremely resistant to acids and alkalis. Soapstone counters are extremely durable & can bring a beautiful touch to your new kitchen. You'll also find soapstone commonly used widely in laboratories, fireplaces, sinks and is easily formed with common stone cutting tools.

Soapstone is very durable and heat resistant. Another selling point of a soapstone countertop is how they will not retain stains as easily as other natural stone materials. The stone is quite soft however and can scratch but these are easily removed after a quick coat of mineral oil. Deeper, ugly cuts can be sanded away easily, too. Through the regular treatment of a mineral oil or sealer, your soapstone countertop can live a long life and will hold up to the test of time. No other natural stone is as fitting for a busy kitchen as soapstone.

Soapstone counters are set apart from other stone counter tops because of the dark, rich color and its versatility when used in design. This natural stone can be found in colors of gray, blue & green, and once a mineral oil applied consistently, it will bring out a charcoal-gray color. This causes your counters to look older and much more elegant. Soapstone countertops can bring a lot of elegance to your kitchen are. - 35131

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